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The Bookaholics Anonymous

Why quit the addiction?

Bookaholics anonymous - For book lovers
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I noticed that there are so many book communities on LJ so it is obviously a popular theme, but I noticed there were not that many popular, often updated communities. I am hoping to change that for ever!

NOTICE - This is a very new community started on the 28/08/05 - As yet we have no layout, but I am looking for people to commission to make us a lovely bookish layout. For now we will have to cope with the horrible LJ defaults, sorry about that, I know it looks most undignified. If anyone is a layout whizz could you contact me if you are willing to do a commission for me.

Every so often I will post a list of books I have read and a total page number read. You are also welcome to do so, as long as you don't start a new post to say so. If you wish to tell us a list of books you have read, comment on the list that I have posted. When I am busy the number of books I read will of course go right down, but this is not a competition to see how many books more than everyone else you can read. If you have read loads, congratulations, but don't expect praise :p

This community is also for you to share books you have read recently with others, giving us your own rating on the book and summary. It doesn't matter of you hated the book or you loved it, we want to know! Each time you post about a certain book you must have the following details -

Full Title -
Author -
Number of pages -
Personal rating (*, **, ***, **** or *****) -
Genre - (i.e. humour, fantasy, sci-fi, history, romantic, woman's)
Quick Summary - (i.e. this book tells the story of ______'s life etc - no more than 100 words please)

Rules -

x Posts to this community must pertain to books and/or authors. I am not that fussy as long as the comments pertain losely, but if I feel it really doesn't fit those comments will be deleted.
x Opinions of others are just that, opinions. There is no right or wrong. If you disagree say so in a polite manner, if you must argue, take it to your own journals, but not here. Any unfriendly comments made by members may endanger their member status and I may have to delete them from the flist.
x Advertising for other communities is allowed, but not advised. I won't necessarily delete people advertising their communities, as long as the communities have similar interests to this one. For example, communities about Tolkien, Harry Potter etc will be allowed, but not for example communities on manga or TV programmes etc.
x Please try to write properly, use punctuation and paragraphs. Try to keep an eye on your grammar and spelling, I find poor grammar abhorrent. Netspeak and typing like tHiS is NOT allowed as it is annoying and immature.

Anyone is free to join this community and to post whenever and as much as they like. Don't forget, many posts makes for a busy and interesting community, the more people posting, the more likely it is they people will want to join in the future.